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Delivering Aesthetic Treatments That Help You Glow

GLOW by Elena Reitman MD is your medical spa for transformative aesthetic medicine. Led by Dr. Reitman, we provide non-surgical aesthetic treatments that bring out your best and minimize the appearance of skin issues that prevent you from feeling comfortable in your own skin. Our facilities and highly-trained team ensure that you get the highest level of service and quality in every treatment you receive.

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Our Services

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer everything we need to administer safe and effective aesthetic treatments. Dr. Reitman’s extensive experience in every service ensures that all the best products, treatments, and techniques are used to maximize comfort and results.


Our science-based skincare system develops a personalized skincare routine based on your unique Baumann Skin Type®.

Get your personalized skincare regimen recommendation by taking the Baumann Skin Type® Quiz. Or Shop Now from a selection of the best dermatologist recommended skincare brands.

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Body Contouring

Reshape and contour your body to your desired look, with TruSculpt ID body contouring and fat dissolving that can truly give you the body of your dreams

Body Contouring

Hair Restoration

Help your hair be as healthy and beautiful as it can be with PRP/PEP Factor hair restoration; and say goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair with laser hair removal

Hair Restoration


The non-surgical, non-invasive treatment thousands of patients prefer, with wrinkle reduction, fat removal, dermal fillers, hand rejuvenation, and more



Utilize state-of-the-art cosmetic lasers for scar treatments, skin resurfacing, pigment removal, rosacea and redness, vein treatments, and more


Skin Rejuvenation

With our team of expert providers of skin rejuvenation procedures headed by Dr. Elena Reitman, we guarantee our patients that we can provide amazing results with minimal downtime.

Skin Rejuvenation


Refine Your Natural Beauty and
Feel Better Than Ever Today!

Our team at GLOW works under a singular philosophy: helping all our patients bring out their natural, beauty through our cosmetic treatments. At GLOW, patients can experience a medical spa that truly considers their health and wellness, as our clinic is led by Ivy-League trained and board-certified Dr. Reitman, a renowned specialist in cosmetic enhancements for the face and body.

We realize that every patient is different, with their own needs and goals, which is why we take the time to understand and assess every individual on its own. This means we can offer our highest level of personalized care and treatments to every patient, which is the only way they can experience the best aesthetic care possible.

Choose GLOW by Elena Reitman MD today for all your cosmetic and aesthetic medical needs. Let us help you determine the ideal treatments you need to achieve your desired beauty goals.

World Class Service

Customized Treatments

Top Patient Satisfaction

Trained and Caring Team

Meet Elena Reitman MD

Dr. Elena Reitman is an Ivy League-trained and board-certified physician. Specializing in cosmetic enhancements for the face and body, her extensive background and experience in aesthetic medicine have helped her deliver the highest standards of beauty that can transform the way you look and feel in your own skin.

Dr. Reitman is known for her patient-centric care and impeccable attention to detail. Together with her team of caring, compassionate, and highly skilled professionals, she can deliver subtle and beautiful results that bring out your best.

Get in touch with Dr. Reitman and her team at GLOW by Elena Reitman MD today to achieve your best version yet.

Transformative Treatments from Glow by Elena Reitman MD

Supervised by a board-certified and internationally known physician like Dr. Reitman, our medical spa delivers the highest levels of quality in every aesthetic treatment. Our facilities are fully-equipped to help you achieve that life-changing transformation you need to live your best life. We’re here to maximize your comfort, minimize your blemishes, and make sure you complete your treatment plan satisfied with the results.

Find Your Inner Beauty Today,
and Let It Shine With Glow

Get that natural glow that highlights your best features. Book your appointment online or contact our medical spa to schedule your initial consultation. Let’s take the first step towards a new, better you with aesthetic treatments that deliver inspiring and empowering results.

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