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Nourish Your Skin and Watch It Glow At GLOW by Elena Reitman MD

Time, aging, and exposure to factors like UV exposure, dirt, and bacteria can cause your skin to develop various concerns that can affect its appearance. If you’re noticing several spots and blemishes that are in need of a healthy boost, you could benefit from receiving laser skin resurfacing treatments from GLOW by Elena Reitman MD.

At GLOW by Elena Reitman MD, we can remove old, dull, and damaged skin cells and bring forward newer skin cells without invasive surgical procedures. Our state-of-the-art facility carries equipment like the Laser Genesis and Secret RF to provide safe and effective non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments that minimize your discomfort throughout the entire process.

Experience the difference our medical spa provides and why we stand out as one of the premier aesthetic providers within your area. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Reitman today to see if laser skin resurfacing is the right treatment option for you.

Why You Need Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

In your earlier years, your skin cells are rich in collagen, elastin, and other substances that can keep your skin healthy, elastic, and resistant against stubborn blemishes like wrinkles, age spots, and more. But as you age, your skin’s collagen production naturally drops and makes you prone to various skin issues and other signs of aging. If you want to give your skin the boost it needs to bring healthier skin cells forward and rejuvenate your appearance, you can benefit from our laser skin resurfacing treatments.

Our non-ablative laser skin resurfacing treatments use the thermal energy from radiofrequency waves (using our Secret RF) and light energy (using our Laser Genesis) to gently heat your skin. This can promote better cell regeneration and collagen production.

Through our laser skin resurfacing, you can achieve transformative results that enhance your appearance, especially:

Treat Stubborn Signs of Aging

Features like wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin can be improved after several treatments that boost your collagen production and replace older skin cells with newer and healthy ones. We can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, which we can then enhance with other anti-aging aesthetic treatments and skincare product recommendations.

Minimize the Appearance of Scars

Non-ablative laser skin resurfacing can promote collagen production, bring forward healthier cells, and shed away scar tissue to minimize the appearance of superficial scars.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

For laser skin resurfacing that uses the Secret RF, patients get both the benefits of microneedling and RF thermal energy. Microneedling triggers your skin’s natural healing, while laser skin resurfacing boosts cell regeneration. Together, they can give your skin a better, more refreshed appearance.

Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure - The Laser Genesis offers non-invasive laser skin resurfacing. The Secret RF uses sharp micro pins that gently puncture the skin’s surface to create micro wounds and trigger collagen production. These laser treatment options can restructure your skin’s appearance and rejuvenate the treated area without the risks, side effects, and recovery period needed for plastic surgery.
  • Treat Various Types of Blemishes - Both our laser resurfacing tools can provide safe and effective treatments for skin concerns like:
    • Age spots
    • Scars (Superficial acne scars, injury scars, stretch marks, etc.)
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Sagging skin
    • Skin discoloration
  • Fast Treatment - Compared to surgical options like skin grafting or facelifts, laser resurfacing treatments can take less than 30 minutes and require little to no downtime. This is a suitable alternative for those on the go who want to avoid extensive downtime and recovery periods from cosmetic surgery.

Are You A Good Candidate for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

While many can benefit from skin rejuvenation, some patients may not be qualified to receive laser skin resurfacing treatments. Before we proceed with any treatment, our patients undergo an initial consultation with Dr. Reitman. From there, Dr. Reitman can help you understand the process of laser skin resurfacing, the process, what it can or can’t do, if its results match what you want to achieve, and if you’re physically healthy enough to receive treatment.

You’re a good candidate for our laser skin resurfacing treatments if you:

  • You’re willing to have multiple treatments - You may need more than one session to get the best results, boost healthy cell regeneration and collagen production, and minimize the appearance of unwanted skin concerns. Non-ablative laser treatments will need multiple treatments, depending on the depth and severity of your skin condition.
  • You’ve tried over-the-counter and skincare options - Some skin concerns can be addressed with the right over-the-counter skincare products. If you’ve tried this and saw no visible improvement, you may benefit from getting aesthetic treatments.
  • You have mild to moderate skin concerns – More drastic skin concerns like acne breakouts, deep wrinkles, and excessive sagging skin may be better treated with other aesthetic procedures. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Reitman to learn more.

Bring Out Your Natural GLOW With Our Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Rejuvenate your appearance, minimize your blemishes, and achieve flawless skin with our safe, effective, and transformative aesthetic treatments at GLOW by Elena Reitman MD. Our laser skin resurfacing treatments are one of the ways we help empower our patients by bringing out their natural beauty. Our medical spa has helped countless patients by providing:

  • Excellent service from a highly qualified aesthetic doctor. Dr. Elena Reitman has an extensive background in aesthetic medicine and follows the best practices and latest techniques in her field. She received her training from an Ivy League institution and has a board certification in anesthesiology, and is dedicated to providing the best aesthetic results to her patients.
  • High patient satisfaction. Dr. Reitman and her team use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver unparalleled results. Each patient has their own beauty goals, and we’re equipped to provide a variety of treatments that can help them reach their desired appearance.
  • Empowering our patients through natural beauty. We empower our clients to feel confident in their skin through treatments that bring out their natural beauty. Let’s minimize the appearance of your blemishes and help you sport your best self.

Commonly Asked Questions About Laser Skin Resurfacing

Q: How many laser resurfacing sessions will I need?

A: It can vary among patients. Ablative laser skin resurfacing treatments may only need one session, but this involves removing the epidermis layer and letting new skin grow in its place. While this is minimally invasive, it can involve extensive downtime. We provide non-ablative laser skin resurfacing, so schedule your initial consultation to get an exact estimate.

Q: What’s the difference between ablative laser resurfacing and non-ablative skin resurfacing?

A: Ablative lasers remove the outer layers of the skin while also heating the treatment area for collagen production. Following your treatment, your skin will grow back, providing you with completely new skin. Non-ablative lasers, however, focus more on heating the skin to produce new collagen. Over time, the newer skin cells should replace the older skin cells, which will eventually shed on their own.

Q: Are there some side effects to laser resurfacing?

A: Following your treatment, you may experience symptoms like stinging pain from the heat, swelling, bumps, redness, swelling, rashes, and discoloration. These can subside after a few days and can be managed through home remedies. After each session, we can guide you through the aftercare process to ensure the best outcome from your treatment.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation for Laser Skin Resurfacing With Dr. Reitman Today

Experience the difference of GLOW by Elena Reitman MD when you receive laser skin resurfacing treatments from highly-qualified aesthetic providers in New Jersey. Together with Dr. Reitman and her team, we can minimize the appearance of blemishes, aging spots, scars, and other areas that keep you from being your most confident in your own skin. Contact us today and book a consultation with Dr. Reitman to learn more about our laser skin resurfacing treatments.