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Get Effective Chemical Peels For Acne Scars, Damaged Skin, And Uneven Skin Tone Without Cosmetic Surgery

Chemical peels have been a staple part of skincare for a long time. However, sticking with what's tried and tested will not always get you the best results - something that Dr. Elena Reitman knows very well. That's why she's brought procedures like the Perfect Peel and the Prodigy Peel for her patients.

Dr. Reitman and her team have plenty of experience with using skin peels to help improve skin, manage wrinkles, and otherwise rejuvenate the face. When you have cosmetic concerns that are too minor for treatments like plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery to address, chemical peels can be the simple yet effective solution to your worries. With the skilled application of a chemical solution, this treatment can help remove damaged skin and even skin discoloration - all without too much trauma to the treated skin.

Dr. Reitman is always willing to explain to her patients the advantages of using chemical peels against the signs of aging. Call Dr. Reitman today to learn more about how chemical peel treatment can work for you.

How Chemical Peels Work To Rejuvenate The Skin

A chemical peel treatment is a procedure used on your skin to remove the damaged outer layers, revealing newer and younger skin underneath. Depending on the type of peel that's used, you can use it for a wide variety of cosmetic improvements on your skin.

Some of the applications of chemical peels include correcting uneven skin pigmentation, reducing acne scarring, and improving skin texture. Here are some of the benefits your skin will get from going through chemical peels:

Younger Skin

As the top layers of your skin are stripped away during a peel, it reveals the younger skin underneath. This younger skin is far more resilient to the daily wear and tear you may experience and can repair itself more efficiently compared to the skin that's already been peeled off.

Vibrant Appearance

The newly-exposed skin layer is also free of most blemishes and discoloration, which the peeled skin has gotten over time. Skin peels can easily give your entire face a smoother and more vibrant appearance, especially if you find the right peel for your skin type and skin tone.

Less Risk Of Skin Conditions

Some skin infections can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and other parasites that feed on your dead skin. These germs and foreign bodies can easily cause moderate to severe complications on your skin if left untreated. By using skin peels, you're able to minimize any risk of developing skin conditions caused by old skin remaining on your body.

Why Consider Chemical Peels?

Relatively non-invasive treatment: While chemical peels can be uncomfortable or somewhat irritating to people with sensitive skin, there are no cuts or incisions required like the ones for plastic and cosmetic surgery.

  • Minimal side effects: Most side effects from peel treatments usually resolve within a week of the procedure, especially once the skin has started to peel on its own. Your provider can give you more details on what to expect on side effects.
  • Different options available: The variety of chemical peel products and different types of chemical peels make it a versatile treatment for almost any skin type and skin color. If you want to get a peel, there's sure to be one there that's perfect for you.
  • Efficient and effective results: The effects of chemical peels are fairly straightforward, with little risk of developing adverse reactions. Almost every patient can expect to see visible results with their chemical peels, especially with a skilled provider at hand to apply their treatment.
  • Compatible with other treatments: Other cosmetic products like hyaluronic acid can provide great secondary support to the effects of chemical peels, alongside other serums and lotions. For more information on compatible products, ask your provider.

The Perfect Peel

The ideal peel to let your skin shine

The Perfect Peel is a medium peel that penetrates a good way into your skin, resurfacing the treated area and removing most signs of skin blemishes. Medium peels particularly excel at managing acne scars, since their footprint is located a little underneath the surface of your skin.

What makes the Perfect Peel stand out compared to other dermal fillers is that it's the only one that features glutathione. Glutathione is commonly used in skin brightening products to give your skin extra vibrancy - so combining it with the capabilities of a chemical peel can give you even better results.

The Prodigy Peel

Peel and feel great on demand

The Prodigy Peel is a light peel that's more suitable for correcting skin discoloration and rejuvenating the skin. Light peels don't penetrate the skin as deep as medium peels can, but the benefit is that you can get them more frequently to ensure that you have better skin. They also don't take as much post-procedure aftercare compared to more intense peels.

One reason to use the Prodigy Peel is it's formulated for use on anyone, regardless of skin type and skin tone. Compared to other brands of chemical peels which are suited for certain skin types, Prodigy Peel is a general-use product that anyone can enjoy.

The Best Candidate For Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are extremely accessible for many patients, but they can work for some people better than others. Here's how you can ensure that you'll be in the best state possible for a successful chemical peel treatment:

  • Have not experienced a skin condition in the past year or so
  • No infections or other conditions in the treatment area
  • No skin allergies to chemical products that may be used in your chemical peel
  • Not nursing or pregnant
  • Have not taken specific products like Accutane in the last year
  • Not using strong exfoliants for their skin

Why Choose Dr. Elena Reitman For Your Chemical Peel

Dr. Elena Reitman is an Ivy-league educated anesthesiologist, but more importantly, she understands the intricacies of correct chemical peel application. Chemical peels need to be done with the utmost precision to both get the patient the results they want and avoid any serious side effects. Here are other reasons why you should get your chemical peels with us:

  • Expertly trained staff: Dr. Reitman and her staff have years of experience in helping patients with their cosmetic concerns, with many different services including chemical peel treatments. They remain committed to being an excellent service provider to give you the best experience possible.
  • Quality customer experience: With a steadfast commitment to quality and results, Dr. Reitman prioritizes outcomes and comfort equally with our patients. We believe that you should always get the results that you want with the least amount of hassle possible.
  • Other cosmetic services available: Chemical peels are just a small part of the services that Dr. Reitman can provide - dermal filler and body contouring services are also options you can consider for even better improvements to your skin and body.
  • The latest equipment and products: Keeping ourselves ahead of the innovations in skincare is how we ensure we provide the best service to our patients. Whenever you visit us, you can always rely on the best and latest developments in cosmetic medicine to be at your disposal.

Commonly Asked Questions About Chemical Peel Treatment

Q: How many chemical peels do I need?

A: As a rule, a light chemical peel usually needs more applications compared to a medium chemical peel or a deep chemical peel. This is because these deeper peels reach deeper into the skin, which means your skin needs more time to recover. Light peels can typically be repeated as many times as needed until you get results.

Q: How soon can you see the results from chemical peels?

A: Some chemical peels can have immediately visible results, but most of your results will show themselves when your skin has fully peeled from the chemical solution. On average, you can expect to see the full results of your peel 1 to 2 weeks after your procedure.

Q: Can I get chemical peels done at home?

A: At-home chemical peels and their assorted kits are available - but keep in mind that the best option for chemical peels is still in a professional setting. This is especially crucial for stronger peels like a medium chemical peel or a deep peel since they need expert oversight during and after the procedure.

Q: What's the best type of chemical peel I can get?

A: The "best" peel you can get is a peel that can address your specific cosmetic concerns. This is something best discussed with your peel provider since they can recommend the best type of peel to suit the outcome you're looking for.

Q: Are chemical peels covered by insurance?

A: Chemical peels are considered cosmetic treatments, so they're unlikely to be fully covered by your insurance. However, some plans may reimburse your initial consultation if it's within the term of your plan. For more deals, consult your peel provider.

See Dr. Reitman Today For Your Chemical Peels And Other Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

A chemical peel is a great way to remove the damaged outer layers of dead skin cells, without the need to through intense procedures like laser skin resurfacing. With GLOW by Dr. Elena Reitman, we're able to provide the best chemical peel for your cosmetic concern. Contact us today for an in-depth consultation with Dr. Reitman about what a chemical peel can do for you.