Laser Hair Removal


At GLOW by Elena in Cresskill, NJ, laser hair removal offers a revolutionary solution to unwanted hair. Using advanced laser technology, the procedure targets hair follicles, impairing their ability to regrow hair, resulting in long-lasting smoothness. The benefits of laser hair removal are manifold: it offers precision, effectively targeting specific areas without damaging surrounding skin; it's virtually painless compared to traditional methods like waxing or shaving; and it's time-efficient, with sessions typically lasting only a few minutes. Perhaps most notably, laser hair removal minimizes razor bumps and ingrown hairs, providing a smoother, irritation-free skin surface. With GLOW by Elena, bid farewell to the hassles of shaving and embrace the confidence of perpetually smooth, hair-free skin

6 Sessions Small Area (Lip,Chin, Underarm)


Medium Area (Face, Abdomen)


Large areas (legs, back, Brazilian)


Full body package (underarm, arm, leg, back, abdomen, bikini)

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