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Transformative Kybella Injections At GLOW by Elena Reitman MD

There’s no better non-surgical treatment that can help get rid of double chin fat than Kybella injections from GLOW by Elena Reitman MD. Led by Dr. Reitman, we can provide highly effective submental fat reduction treatments that deliver amazing results for rejuvenating and contouring your chin and jaw profile.

You can trust Dr. Reitman and her team to give you the best Kybella treatment experience without the need for a lengthy recovery period. Unlike invasive plastic surgery, you only need a few series of Kybella injections to minimize the appearance of a double chin and achieve a slimmer face. Our highly skilled injectors will make sure that you have a comfortable and successful treatment to reduce the possible downtime and side effects.

Discover how you can revitalize your appearance with a Kybella treatment today. Call us and request an initial consultation with Dr. Reitman to learn more about our process for this amazing fat-dissolving injectable.

How Kybella Enhances Your Overall Appearance

Kybella is an FDA approved injectable treatment that can treat stubborn fat in the submental area, which is also known as under the chin. It contains a highly effective fat melting formula made of a synthesized form of deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring substance that can help absorb and destroy excess fat cells.

A Kybella treatment is a convenient procedure that doesn’t require you to undergo plastic surgery to a see visible reduction in your double chin fat. Here are the other ways that Kybella injections can transform your face:

Improves Sagging Neck and Jowls

Having unwanted fat under the chin can also cause the surrounding skin in the neck to lose its elasticity. This can lead to the unsightly appearance of saggy neck and jowls. Kybella injections can break down the layer of fatty tissue below the chin and neck which can help reduce the loose skin.

Better Chin and Jawline Definition

Aging, weight gain, and genetics are some of the common causes of submental fullness. Over time, the accumulation of stubborn fat under the chin can lead to a weaker chin and a less defined jawline that can make you look older than your age. With Kybella, you can eliminate the unwanted fat cells on the lower face and sculpt your jawline and chin to restore a fresh and youthful look.

Thinner Facial Profile

Facial slimming can also be done with the help of Kybella injections. Reducing the fullness of the double chin can lessen the roundness of your face and improve your overall contours for a more attractive and slimmer appearance.

Benefits of Kybella Injections

  • Minimally Invasive Submental Fat Reduction - Nowadays, liposuction isn’t your only option to remove excess fat cells on the double chin. Kybella is the least invasive cosmetic treatment that can effectively reduce chin and neck fat with only a few series of injections to the treatment area. There will be no incisions left on your skin so you don’t have to worry about post-treatment scarring.
  • Quick Procedure - Depending on the number of injection site and the amount of fat that will be removed, a Kybella treatment session can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. After your procedure, you can resume your normal activities without any downtime.
  • Minor Side Effects - When the Kybella procedure is done correctly, the fat-melting injection can deliver desirable results with very minimal side effects such as pain, swelling, and bruising. While recovery from the side effects varies for each person, these aftereffects will typically resolve on their own within 2 weeks.
  • Permanent Double Chin Removal – As long as you maintain a healthy weight and diet, you can expect your Kybella results to be permanent. The deoxycholic acid in the injections can dissolve and eliminate the fat cells for good. Once the cells are destroyed, they are no longer able to accumulate chin fat in the future.
  • Can Be Used With Other Treatments - Kybella is a safe fat-removing injectable and it can be used with other body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting to help target the remaining subcutaneous fat. You may also get dermal fillers after your Kybella treatment to improve the facial contours and volume after the double chin is removed.

Commonly Asked Questions About Kybella Treatments

Q: How many Kybella injections will I need?

A: Most patients will require multiple treatments to get their desired result from Kybella. Depending on the amount of submental fat that you have, you can expect to have 3 to 6 Kybella sessions to achieve the best possible outcome.

Q: Is Kybella better than double chin liposuction?

A: Kybella destroys the fat cells with the help of the deoxycholic acid solution, while liposuction removes fat by suctioning them during a surgical procedure. Although both procedures can provide long-term results, Kybella is the least invasive option and it doesn’t have the risks and complications that you can get from surgery.

Q: Can Kybella tighten loose skin?

A: Kybella injections can provide some degree of skin tightening as a bonus to the reduction of chin and neck fat. However, it is not a treatment intended to address the problem of severe skin laxity. You can explore our other aesthetic treatments and consult with our doctor about possible procedures for your skin laxity issue.

Q: How soon can you see the results of a Kybella treatment?

A: Fat elimination is a gradual process and the treated fat cells are typically removed within 4 to 6 weeks after receiving Kybella injections. You can see significant facial slimming effects as the results of Kybella continue to improve for about 3 to 6 months from the final treatment.

Q: Can you use Kybella in other parts of the body?

A: Kybella is only approved for the elimination of submental fat. However, it can also be used for off-label treatment of small pockets of fat in the upper arms, bra bulge, knees, and lower buttocks. If you want to get Kybella in other areas than the double chin, you can consult with our doctor.

Are You A Good Candidate for Kybella Injection?

Before getting Kybella treatment, it’s important to consult with your provider to know if it is the right procedure for your aesthetic goals and needs. You are qualified for a Kybella injection if you can relate to the following:

  • You want to remove excess fat in the chin without surgery - Kybella is one of the best fat reduction alternatives to chin liposuction. It can help you attain a slimmer chin and jawline contour without the complications of a surgical procedure.
  • Your skin is in good condition - The ideal patients for Kybella should have healthy, firm, and elastic skin. Our team can recommend other possible treatments to help tighten severe loose skin on the chin and neck.
  • You are willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle - Any significant post-treatment weight gain can affect your Kybella results and potentially cause new fat cells to grow. It’s important that you are willing to change your lifestyle and maintain a good diet so you can enjoy lasting results from the injection.

Bring Out Your Natural GLOW With Our Injectable Treatments

Rejuvenate your appearance with our highly effective and transformative aesthetic injectable treatments at GLOW by Elena Reitman MD. We’re proud to offer Kybella as a convenient and minimally invasive option for getting rid of a stubborn double chin. Here’s why you should consider getting your Kybella injections with us:

  • Best care and treatment from a highly qualified aesthetic doctor. Dr. Reitman is knowledgeable about the best practices and procedures in aesthetic medicine. She received her training from an Ivy League institution and has a board certification in anesthesiology. She’s dedicated to providing the best aesthetic medical care to all her patients.
  • High patient satisfaction. Dr. Reitman and her team use the latest tools and equipment to provide transformative results in all aesthetic treatments. We’ve helped many clients achieve their desired goals with our safe and effective procedures.
  • Empowering patients through beauty. Our aesthetic injectable treatments can help address your skin imperfections and bring out the most beautiful version of yourself. You can trust Dr. Reitman and her team to refine your natural beauty so you can confidently look good and feel good.
  • Wide range of aesthetic services for face and body. From anti-aging dermal filler and Botox cosmetic injections, facial treatments, non-surgical body contouring, and laser treatment, we’ve got the best procedures that can help meet your beauty and wellness goals.

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